How to Make an Independent Movie with Josh Arnold

Chris Spangle sits down with comedian, filmmaker, and BOB & TOM Show co-host to discuss his new movie “The Impersonators.”

How to Become an Actress with Emily Sweet

Actress Emily Sweet discusses her path into professional acting.

PJ Yinger on the Early Days of the BOB & TOM Show Art

PJ Yinger is the graphic artist for the BOB & TOM Show. He is also the trumpet player in the BOB & TOM Band. He is also the one that shepherded me into the B&T universe. He shares with us the process of making the 65 B&T albums over 30 years as well as the […]

The View of the 2016 Election From Moscow, Russia

Chris Spangle is joined by Heather Black, a Hoosier in Moscow, Russia. She moved to Russia in early 2016 and shares that country’s view of the 2016 race and Donald Trump’s election.

Series Two, Episode Four: Miah Finds Hope

As we bring to a close season 2, Miah outlines her trip through the mental health field and how it helped her find hope. She also gives a passionate discussion on learning to truly love herself.

Donald Trump Is Wrong About Rigged Elections

Tonight, I felt panic and fear about our country’s future around Donald Trump’s comments on the “rigged election results.” I’ve not felt them since 9-11. His lie of a rigged election undermines the foundations of our Republic in an effort to win an election and to avoid self-criticism. To spare his own ego, he is unleashing […]

Join Us For Our Debate Watching Party!

Monday night is a very cool event! Greg, the WAL crew, and I will host a debate party. From 7:15, we will have a live preview of the Presidential debates. We will stream this live on Facebook if you’re not in Indianapolis. Here is the event. Join in on Twitter with the hashtag #WALDebate. All political persuasions […]

Debate Prep Takes Years

The debate season is crucial for all candidates. It is the greatest test of a candidate’s discipline and preparation. It is hard to explain the pressure a person undergoes as they walk on a debate stage. It does not matter if it is under the lights of a network for a POTUS debate or a local forum […]

Ideological Bigotry

It isn’t often that I can say I agree with Bill Clinton. He made a good point while appearing on the Daily Show. “America has come so far,” he said. “We’re less racist, sexist, homophobic and anti specific religions than we used to be. We have one remaining bigotry: We don’t want to be around […]

Bill Weld Isn’t Going Anywhere

News “leaked” over the weekend from legendary reporter Carl Bernstein that LP Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld would be dropping out to support Hillary Clinton. Weld said it was wishful thinking. Clinton sees the Libertarian campaign hurting her so she had an old friend start a disinformation campaign knowing that Libertarians would be good sheep […]