Gary Johnson to Appear on 60 Minutes

Gary Johnson will be on 60 Minutes tonight. I can’t believe how great this cycle has been. It’s a vindication for all the years of people telling libertarians to give up on growing a third party and change it from the inside. Not once have I been asked in 2016, “Who are you guys running?” […]

Series Two, Episode Three: Reaction to Episode 2, Why the LGBTQ community must be armed

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston review the reaction to last episode, discuss Orlando and why the LGBTQ community must be armed, and have some laughs when Spangle draws out a mock tattoo for Miah’s new sleeve. Play in new window | Download

Series Two, Episode Two: Bathrooms, Miah’s Emotional Life, Suicide

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston sit down to share an intense and emotional discussion about a trip Miah is taking, what goes on in her mind, and suicide. We also cover trans bathrooms. Play in new window | Download

Should You Vote Today (Primary Day)?

And now for the post no one asked for: how Primary Day election law works. Primary Day is a selection and not an election. So should one vote tomorrow? When a voter walks into the polls on Primary Day they are asked to to select a Republican, Democrat, or nonpartisan ballot. A nonpartisan ballot lets […]

A Different Libertarian Experience at A Trump Rally

(Be sure to check out Greg Lenz’s impressions here.) As anyone listening to the podcast knows, I’ve been very critical of Donald J. Trump. I find him boisterous to the point of banality. He’s a master marketer with no real product to sell. But I’m a fair-minded person. In 2007 and 2008, I saw many of […]

Arthur Brooks – A conservative’s plea: Let’s work together

Description of this TedTalk: “As president of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur Brooks is changing the way conservatives think about poverty and opportunity. Conservatives and liberals both believe that they alone are motivated by love while their opponents are motivated by hate. How can we solve problems with so much polarization? In this talk, social […]

Series Two, Episode One: Emotions, Sex, and Caitlin Jenner

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston return to update listeners on Miah’s fourth anniversary of transition from male to female. She explains her emotional growth and growing into who she truly is, what sex is like as a trans woman, and why she hates Caitlin Jenner. Creating Miah will return more frequently from here on out, […]

Raw Audio: Mitt Romney’s Speech on Donald Trump

Mitt Romney has become the most vocal critic of Donald Trump. The 2012 Republican Presidential candidate spoke about Trump’s record. And then was challenged on Meet the Press. Watch both: The Speech Meet the Press Play in new window | Download

Who is Gary Johnson? What does Gary Johnson Believe?

Who is Gary Johnson? What does Gary Johnson Believe? In a speech recorded at the 1st Annual Dinner of the Libertarian Party of Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas, in January 2014, Gary Johnson explains his background, his record as Governor, and what he would do as President of the United States. Learn more at […]