How to Make an Independent Movie with Josh Arnold

Chris Spangle sits down with comedian, filmmaker, and BOB & TOM Show co-host to discuss his new movie “The Impersonators.”

How to Become an Actress with Emily Sweet

Actress Emily Sweet discusses her path into professional acting.

PJ Yinger on the Early Days of the BOB & TOM Show Art

PJ Yinger is the graphic artist for the BOB & TOM Show. He is also the trumpet player in the BOB & TOM Band. He is also the one that shepherded me into the B&T universe. He shares with us the process of making the 65 B&T albums over 30 years as well as the […]

The View of the 2016 Election From Moscow, Russia

Chris Spangle is joined by Heather Black, a Hoosier in Moscow, Russia. She moved to Russia in early 2016 and shares that country’s view of the 2016 race and Donald Trump’s election.

My Radio Origins on the No Better than Average Show

“This week on the No Better than Average Show the guys have a special guest; Chris Spangle. Chris is the Digital Director for the nationally syndicated, top-rated morning comedy radio show The Bob & Tom Show as well as the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of We Are Libertarians (a podcast that “brings all of the irreverence modern politics deserves”). The […]

The 69th Episode of the Jeff Vibbert Podcast

Jeff & Kaitlyn sit down with Chris Spangle for their 69th podcast. It goes off the rails immediately with hot sex tips from Kaitlyn and the best typewriter tips from Vibbs.

A Conversation on Codependency on the Well We Tried Podcast

I appeared on my coworker’s Grace and Jess’s show, the Well, We Tried podcast and ended up discussing codependency. “The girls are joined for their first threesome… of conversation on the podcast with guest Chris Spangle. Warning: this gets a little deep and meaningful, so if you’re not into therapy stuff, skip this one. Spangle […]

Small Council: Should I Be Dating?

We convene the small council for the first time. A group of my friends and I will discuss whatever issue may be popping up in our lives on these episodes. Today Joe Ruiz, Tyler Weiss, and Mel Bam sit me down for a frank talk about my dating life.

How To Do Standup Comedy with Josh Arnold

I have wanted to do standup comedy forever. I think I am funny. I laugh at me all the time. But will anyone else laugh? What if they don’t? What do I write? Professional comedian and great human Josh Arnold walks me through his progression as a standup and gives me some tips.

The Future of Podcasting with Brad Shoemaker

Chris Spangle and Brad Shoemaker discuss the future of podcasting.