Inside the Mind Of A Superfan with Kristi Avery

We all have that one friend insanely devoted to an artist, musician, comedian, or entertainer. We even cringe a little at how much they are obsessed over something that seems trivial to us. Kristi Avery shows us how meaningful something like Weird Al Fandom is to her life.

PJ Yinger on the Early Days of the BOB & TOM Show Art

PJ Yinger is the graphic artist for the BOB & TOM Show. He is also the trumpet player in the BOB & TOM Band. He is also the one that shepherded me into the B&T universe. He shares with us the process of making the 65 B&T albums over 30 years as well as the […]

Chris on the Jeff Vibbert Podcast Thanksgiving Edition

Episode 40 of the Jeff Vibbert Podcast

Chris and Greg on the Jeff Vibbert Podcast

Chris and Greg frequently visit the Jeff Vibbert Podcast, a comedy podcast hosted by Chris’s coworker Jeff Vibbert and the talented Kaitlyn Kopetski. This is the most recent Christmas episode. Check it out and subscribe at or on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

Raw Audio: Chris Spangle Explains Libertarianism at a Sunday Assembly

Chris Spangle explains the fundamental principles of libertarianism at the Indianapolis Sunday Assembly, a gathering for Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, Humanist, or Skeptics.

The Jeff Vibbert Podcast Episode 24 with Chris Spangle

Jeff and Kaitlyn sit down with communication genius Chris Spangle, and discuss hypothetical questions, love, and how you should buy a Jeff Vibbert Podcast t-shirt.

The Jeff Vibbert Podcast Episode 31 with Chris Spangle

Well, Chris Spangle found his way back into the studio with Jeff and Kaitlyn. The three sit down to discuss feelings, Kaitlyn’s make-up tutorials, and Chris’ weight loss.

Rupert’s Kids Participant Gary Hill

Gary Hill was a 19 year-old honor roll student with a college scholarship when he made a decision that would change the course of his life. Gary is a participant for Rupert’s Kids. At 27, he is now working to build a life inspiring those around him to make different decisions than he did. He […]

Chris Spangle Interviews with Martin Luther King III

I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Luther King III, Dr. King’s son, about his father’s legacy in 2007 at an event in Indianapolis.

Why Am I Putting This Online? Chris Spangle’s First Radio Show

In April of 2005, Andrew Lee and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz gave me (Chris Spangle) an hour of air time one Saturday at the end of my internship at WXNT. I recently discovered it on an external hard drive with a bunch of Abdul in the Morning podcasts from 2007-2008, which has been turned in to the WXNT’s […]