Why Am I Putting This Online? Chris Spangle’s First Radio Show

In April of 2005, Andrew Lee and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz gave me (Chris Spangle) an hour of air time one Saturday at the end of my internship at WXNT. I recently discovered it on an external hard drive with a bunch of Abdul in the Morning podcasts from 2007-2008, which has been turned in to the WXNT’s Ghost podcast. I hosted with my friends Robb Greene and Jason Neeland.

Chris on Off the Air Live Discussing Glenn Beck

Chris joins Off the Air Live.

“Glenn Beck begs for acceptance from libertarians..is it about time we be a little more open minded to newcomers who want to learn? We talk to Chris Spangle from We are Libertarians about this ”

Interview: Rupert Boneham on Private Charity

Chris Spangle sat down with Rupert Boneham to discuss the origin and mission of Rupert’s Kids, the kids in the program, and our broken criminal justice system. He makes some very thoughtful points about how our system sets up the kids caught in the bottom 10% of the socio-economic ladder for failure.

You can donate to Rupert’s Kids here: http://www.rupertskids.org/#!/?page_id=26

About Rupert’s Kids:

Rupert’s Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization stemming directly from the vision of America’s Favorite Survivor and lifetime philanthropist and youth mentor, Rupert Boneham. Rupert’s Kids is dedicated to serving an easily overlooked population of youth: those that have become too old for the youth social service system, but are not old enough for the adult social service system. Program participants are taught valuable skills and trades, while empowering them to discover their inner strengths, passions, and interests.

Program participants face many obstacles and restrictions as a result of previous life choices. Participants receive mentoring as well as the opportunity to learn work ethic, social skills, and life competencies for future success, while earning a legal living. They receive help and hope as they face the real struggles of everyday life, and they learn to become a healthy and productive member of the community.
If what we do is something you support, please consider a contribution or a monthly pledge to financially support our organization.


Rupert’s Kids’ mission is to empower youth to discover their inner strengths, realize their own self worth, and recognize their value to society.


Provide mentoring and educational programming to at-risk youth in our communities
Foster community partnerships, which serve youth and families
Facilitate delivery of financial assistance and/or services to youth, in the areas of education, vocational training and job placement
Develop committed volunteers and donors to provide resources of time, money and property
Indianapolis-based Rupert’s Kids serves youth, typically ages 18-24, who have received intensive services in nearly every social service system in the region. Because these young men and women are unable to achieve and sustain stable housing and employment, most return to situations that originally led to the challenges they currently face. Through programs such as the Indy Parks Program, Rupert’s Kids participants learn skills and values that will lead them towards stability in their lives, their employment and relationships.


rupertbonehamOften referred to as television’s favorite Survivor, Rupert Boneham is an entrepreneur with a professional focus and a strong passion to support the community and individuals in need.

In 2004, after working in the Mental Health Field for over 20 years, Rupert founded Rupert’s Kids, a non-profit organization that provides mentoring, vocational training and job placement to young ex-offenders.  When he won the million dollar prize for Survivor fan favorite that same year, he donated $177,000 to his community, plus $100,000 to fund Rupert’s Kids.  Taking no government handouts, Rupert’s Kids has shown how Corporate America and private donors can support a charitable program and build a better community for us all.

Rupert ran for governor of Indiana in the 2012 election as a libertarian, making Indiana history by receiving the highest vote total of any third party candidate.   He focused on many issues during his campaign and in the debates, spreading awareness about some of the most costly problems in our detention centers, correctional facilities, and education system.

To this day, Rupert is committed to raising funds and awareness for these issues through nationwide appearances and speaking engagements.

Throughout his career, Rupert has worked with several charities and hundreds of clients, and has always focused on improving the lives of youth.  As his organization continues to evolve, he plans to become more active in local and national projects that can benefit communities and improve the quality of life for all.

Rupert’s book, Rupert, Just Being Me, was published in 2006.  The memoir continues to inspire readers with his interesting and insightful life stories.  He resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and daughter.

Local Bloggers Jon Easter and Paul Ogden Discuss Libertarians, Blogging, and Civility

Local Bloggers Jon Easter (Indy Democrat) and Paul Ogden (Ogden on Politics) discuss Libertarians, blogging, and civility in politics. They explain what they like about Libertarians, where they can grow, how we all can work together, what blogs they follow, and how to write a local political blog.

Chris Spangle on the Hammer and Nigel Election Special

Chris Spangle on the Hammer and Nigel Election Special – “With the election less than a week away we had in our three political insiders: Chris Spangle, April D Gregory , and Abdul. This is one of our more confrontational shows as it gets quite explosive during the heated debates discussing politicians characters, chances, and more.”

Chard Reid for IN Congressional District 5

Chard Reid reflects on his two campaigns. He discusses how he handles debates, why he’s aggressive towards his opponents, and why so many tea partiers support him over his Republican opponents.

Andy Horning on the Root our our Problems

Chris Spangle sits down to talk with US Senate candidate Andy Horning for an in-depth interview on running the first negative campaign on voters, why he keeps coming back, and what it’s like inside the Republican Party.

Rupert Boneham and Brad Klopfenstein on Their Run for Governor

Rupert Boneham and Brad Klopfenstein sit down to discuss Rupert’s choice of Brad to serve as his running mate in their bid to become Indiana’s next Governor and Lt. Governor.

Rupert Boneham on Why He’s a Libertarian and Why Governor?

Rupert Boneham, a candidate for the LPIN’s Gubernatorial nod, discusses how he found the Libertarian Party and why he’s running for Governor. Learn more at http://www.rupertforgovernor.com.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Discusses State Politics and Gives Advice to Libertarian Party Candidates

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz joins the podcast to discuss the recent legislative session and gives advice to LPIN candidates from a political commentator’s perspective. Shabazz is the former host of Abdul in the Morning on WXNT and now is the editor of http://indypolitics.org. Shabazz also discusses his upcoming role as the moderator of the LPIN Presidential debate at the LPIN convention.

We are sorry for the slight audio issue in the podcast.

Behind the Scenes of the We Are Libertarians Podcast

Chris discusses how the We Are Libertarians podcast gets made, what equipment is used, and at minute 45 discusses the guiding philosophies of the network.

Phyllis Klosinski’s Fight for Property Rights

Phyllis Klosinski and her husband Mike have been fighting for property rights through the court system for many years. Her recent ruling in the Court of Appeals, Klosinski vs. the Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District, has ramifications for every property owner in the state of Indiana.