Series Two, Episode Four: Miah Finds Hope

As we bring to a close season 2, Miah outlines her trip through the mental health field and how it helped her find hope. She also gives a passionate discussion on learning to truly love herself.

Series Two, Episode Three: Reaction to Episode 2, Why the LGBTQ community must be armed

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston review the reaction to last episode, discuss Orlando and why the LGBTQ community must be armed, and have some laughs when Spangle draws out a mock tattoo for Miah’s new sleeve.

Series Two, Episode Two: Bathrooms, Miah’s Emotional Life, Suicide

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston sit down to share an intense and emotional discussion about a trip Miah is taking, what goes on in her mind, and suicide. We also cover trans bathrooms.

Series Two, Episode One: Emotions, Sex, and Caitlin Jenner

Chris Spangle and Miah Akston return to update listeners on Miah’s fourth anniversary of transition from male to female. She explains her emotional growth and growing into who she truly is, what sex is like as a trans woman, and why she hates Caitlin Jenner. Creating Miah will return more frequently from here on out, so please subscribe here:


Series One, Episode 4: Working While Trans

Miah tells Chris about what it’s like hiding her transition during work and her fears about doing so while at the same time trying to start her own business.

Series One, Episode 2: Trigger Warning

In this episode, we talk about what was offensive a few years ago… It might all still be. Chris and Miah talk about what’s offensive, what’s respectful to say to a trans person, and they are as offensive as possible while coated in good intentions.

Series One, Episode 1: The Beginning

There always has to be a beginning, and this is ours.

At this stage both Chris and Miah are rough around the edges and have no idea what they are about to get themselves into.