The Inexplicable Campaign Against Jordan Peterson

Read and watch Dr Jordan B Peterson lectures. Hear what he says first hand. Then read articles about him over the last two months in any magazine or newspaper and you’ll see why the media isn’t trusted. It’s a consistent campaign of defamation where his words are twisted to turn the ignorant reader against touching his work.

Why? I have no idea. He’s a decent person trying to bring decency to public discourse. That’s bad for ratings, and you wouldn’t want that to spread.

He’s not a beltway or New York writer for a magazine. The Matt Welches of the world seems to hate it when someone strikes it big and isn’t in their circle. Goddamnit, THEY are the keepers of thought in America, and there’s no room for others.

He discusses tyranny so he must be a kook. Any person that outlines the steps to authoritarianism is a nut job… Unless they are talking about Trump in a veiled way. Peterson doesn’t ever address Trump, not even in a negative way, so he’s suspect.

He’s catering to men. This is clearly a violation of the new norm being built. Only women should be encouraged to be their best selves. It is the same with his prattling on about traditional families. He must be a closeted Pat Robertson fan.

Maybe his greatest sin is trying to nuanced in a world that only wants sloganeering and simple (liberal) truths. Peterson wants people to think about politics and religion, the two subjects no one is allowed to discuss unless it’s against religion or against politics (Trump).

Part of this nuance came when he had the AUDACITY to say that a government should not arrest people for language. Canada wanted to criminalize not using the proper pronouns for transgender people. His take was that you should be respectful of a human being and use the correct pronoun, but no one should go to jail for speech. Can you imagine what kind of world we’d have if everyone was allowed to say what they want when they want? The government can’t just allow people to say offensive things.

Fortunately, the press is here to step in for the government. If they aren’t going to stop this monster then they will, even at the cost of truth.

Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

Lookout fam… The internet is about to be filled with foreign policy experts.

The truth is that no one knows how the Arab street will react in the short-term. The long-term? There will never be peace as long as Israel exists and the governments of the U.S., Russia, and China are willing to ship weapons to Israel and Muslim nations by the billions. America will have a vastly diminished role in the Mid-East peace process, but so what? We are only involved in it so President’s can be the “one” that solves this problem. It is a vanity project. The sky is not falling and the world is not coming to an end.

This is Trump delivering on promises to his base. Trump is the first President to not pretend that he is everyone’s President. He is the President of his base. He is just not faking that he cares about the opinions of his opposition

The Childish Thinking of Gun Control Advocates

Liberals give me grief when I say it’s wise to wait a day or two to comment on a mass shooting event out of respect for victims, and to give themselves time to learn what happened. We now know that the Texas shooter should have been in jail or prevented from getting a gun. Various levels of government failed to keep 26 citizens alive, so it’s juvenile to argue that more of what failed will prevent the next mass shooting.

What stopped more deaths? A well-armed citizen protecting his community. If ever there was a tragedy that should give the left the imperative to stop reacting and reasoning like children, this was it.

The criminal justice system doesn’t actually protect the victims of domestic violence. How about we fix that?

Prayer Isn’t Welcomed in the Midst of a Tragedy?

I ranted a couple years ago on We Are Libertarians about the trend to switch prayers to “healing vibes” on social media. Somehow, prayer became a shameful act to display to social media friends despite Barna research saying 94% of Americans have prayed once in the last 3 days. Pew says 55% of Americans pray daily. In the wake of the Texas shooting, prayer has been mocked by progressives and Hollywood. Using their favorite weapons, shame and bullying, they are trying to silence public displays of the freedom of speech and religion.

Prayer to whomever or whatever is an act of contrition and reflection in an effort to become a better person. Some faiths say that signal of obedience makes God move in places he might not have before. Moments of tragedy are the best times to do a self-inventory and ask where we can change ourselves to be more loving and giving.

The vague “do something” where no policy is prescribed actually does nothing. It is vanity to show off for friends. Mock prayer, Keith Olbermann, but it is more effective than anything you’ve done in your “career.”