The Truth About Obama’s Pending Executive Order on Guns

Here is the truth about President Obama’s pending executive order on guns:   President Obama be like: “Too many people are acting as violent criminals. Let’s use an executive order to make an even larger group of previously non-violent people criminals instead.”

Spangle: Reason and Cato Videos on Gun Debate

Reason and Cato have released two excellent (per usual) videos on the current gun discussion. First up, Reason.TV presents 5 Facts About Guns, Schools, & Violence: Next is Cato with The Second Amendment in 2013:

Spangle: Penn & Teller: Bull—t! on Gun Control

If you can’t reach me, I will probably be watching this guy’s YouTube Channel for the next two weeks.

Spangle: Video a Must Watch- Choose Your Own Crime Stats

“Crime stats they’d rather you not hear.” from

Spangle: Fact Checking Piers with Ben Swann

Ben Swann proves that Piers Morgan is full of malarky.

Spangle: Chris Rock – “You Should Have to Have a Mortgage to Buy a Gun”

Chris Rock had a funny idea when talking to the entertainment website, TheWrap: “The gun lobby always says, well, people need the right to protect their property. Every mass shooting is done by a guy who lives with his mother. I honestly believe you should have to have a mortgage to buy a gun. No […]

Breaking: Biden: Obama Considering ‘Executive Order’ to Deal With Guns

Text: “The president is going to act. There are executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required.” – […]