McCain vs. Barr

Reason’s Matt Welch and National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru debate over whether voters should support Bob Barr or John McCain in this video. Welch argued for Barr while Ponnuru argued for McCain. I just found this site, but it looks pretty interesting.

What I’ve been trying to say, only better.

Ed Angleton is a former Democrat-turned-Libertarian. I’ve been trying to explain my party shift over the last week or so, but maybe it has not been expressed as well as Ed’s writing, located here: “What these ideological arguers fail to take stock of is that it is the other 20% that makes all the […]

My Thoughts on GOP Shenanigans

Ronald Reagan did not believe in third parties. He believed that a person should choose a party that most closely identifies with a person’s beliefs and values. For myself, that is the Republicans. But what happens when a party loses its way? The Republican sins of big government are too numerous to mention for the […]

Another Libertarian Note

This note from Sean Shepard: Hi there,Sean Shepard has invited you to The Indianapolis Bob Barr ForPresident Meetup. Sean Shepard says:————————————————————————————————Bob Barr officially announced that he will seek the Libertariannomination for President of United States.  Thought we’d goahead and get an Indy MeetUp set-up for interested parties. Initial MeetUp(s) will be 30 minutes before the […]

Check This Out

I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but it seems like a video most of our audience would be interested in. This is a note from Melyssa Donaghy: Greetings Friends, I write to you only because I know you are liberty minded and can think independently.  I recently watched a documentary by Aaron […]