My First Show

I am about to post something I should not be posting: The first show I hosted. This was recorded in April of 2005, and it’s horrible. Enjoy!

Facts Cast: Leaking Larry

Episode 5: Only a day after announcing his candidacy, leaks of Larry’s past have started sprouting. Then the Candidate calls in to defend himself. Chris and Abdul discuss Imus. Audio from WXNT.

Facts Cast: Larry Vaughn, Candidate

Episode 004: The guest formerly known as “Crazy Larry” reveals his name, his Congressional candidate status, the origins of the paper bag on his head, and his party affiliation. A must-listen. His defense of wearing the paper bag on his head while speaking on the floor of Congress was truly moving. Audio from Chris guest […]

Facts Cast: Writers’ Strike

Episode 003: Chris interviews Tanja Barnes of the Writers’ Strike Chronicles on the WGA strike, and the status of the middle class American Worker. Audio from Chris guest hosting at WXNT.

Facts Cast: New Media

Episode 002: Are the younger generations missing out on something by being so connected technologically, or are we just more knowledgeable? Audio from Chris guest hosting on WXNT.