Rush signs big, and shows value of Radio.

Clear Channel learns it’s lesson from Stern, and signs Rush Limbaugh through 2016 to the tune of $400 million dollars. Why? When Howard Stern signed his half a billion dollar deal with Sirius 4 years ago, the radio industry said they would be fine. Then he left, leaving his affiliates (around 40) scrambling to replace […]

Tim Russert and the Decline of Journalism

The passing of Tim Russert is a sad event in American Government. The media’s job is to challenge politicians on their words. No one does that better then Tim Russert. In fact, few do what Russert did. We are entering a dangerous age of journalism, and therefore, politics and government. The pace of media has […]

Please Help Fight the Fairness Doctrine

Please help Mike Pence bring the Broadcaster Freedom Act to pass. If your representative has not signed on, PLEASE CALL THEIR OFFICE TODAY! Don’t let them Democrats silence the Conservative and Libertarian point of view!