News Roundup for 1-12-13

News Roundup for 1-12-13

Storified by Chris Spangle· Sat, Jan 12 2013 14:53:13

No joke, Biden was asked when his task force would propose new gun regulations. "We’re shooting for Tuesday," he said. Groseclose
Source: Lance Armstrong plans to admit doping during Oprah Winfrey interview – @usatoday
Ugh. Co-Designer of RSS commits suicide at 26. Spangle
Computer activist Aaron Swartz, who founded a service which merged with Reddit, commits suicide, lawyer says – @thetech
Spangle: Why Does Jeff Sessions Hate Jack Lew? Are Libertarians
Hong Kong action hero Jackie Chan provokes controversy by calling the US ‘the most corrupt country in the world’ – @AFP
A lot can go wrong with a platinum coin #tcot #tlot #LibertarianWe Are Libertarians
Spangle: The Problem With Sandy Relief Aid Are Libertarians
Millions noticing paychecks lighter today, due to payroll tax hike #tcot #tlot #Libertarian Are Libertarians
Deaf Belgian twins who said they could not bear losing their eyesight are allowed to commit suicide – @BPbreakingnews
Do Higher Tax Rates Hurt Growth? #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Russia rejects Assad exit as a precondition for Syria peace deal – @Reuters
The Ron Paul Legacy – Are Libertarians
Some 1,000 Pakistani Shiites demanding better security block roads with coffins of relatives killed in bombings – @AP
Reid to Obama: OK to skip Congress on debt ceiling #tlot #Libertarian #tcot Are Libertarians
Man dies setting himself on fire in 2013’s 1st immolation protest against Chinese rule, rights group says – @TibetPost
Why Americans will soon pay more to drive every mile #tlot #Libertarian #tcotWe Are Libertarians
The Last Leftist #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
White House responds to secession petitions, calls for unity instead – @thehill
Obama, Karzai Stay Ambiguous on US Troop Levels in Afghanistan #tcot #tlot #libertarianWe Are Libertarians
Tom Fitton, Head of Judicial Watch, Battling Obama Administration for Access to Photos of Usama Bin Laden’s Body #tlot Are Libertarians
"One of the Biggest and Most Elaborate Falsehoods Ever Sold to the American Public" (The Bank Bailouts) – #tlot #TcotWe Are Libertarians
Several people reported killed during shelling of Syrian capital Damascus as regime claims capture of rebel stronghold of Daraya – @AJELive
Wait, Didn’t the Fiscal Cliff Deal Originate in the Senate? #tlot #Tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
New York’s Gov. Cuomo declares state public health emergency in response to severe flu outbreak – @nbcnightlynewsBreaking News
Pollution at hazardous levels for a 2nd day in Beijing; residents advised to stay indoors – @AFP
‘Mind if I smoke?’ taking on a new meaning for D.C. hosts #tlot #libertarianWe Are Libertarians
Greece’s parliament approves new tax legislation aimed at boosting state revenues by $3 billion this year – @AJELive
Thousands of Kurds vowed revenge as they rallied in Paris over the killing of 3 top Kurdish activists – @AFP
US Treasury: We won’t mint a platinum coin to sidestep the debt ceiling – @washingtonpost
RFK Jr: ’Very convincing’ evidence that JFK wasn’t killed by lone gunman #tlot #Tcot #LibertarianWe Are Libertarians storm damage Clinton kyYFrog
Think Only the Rich Will Pay More Taxes? You’re Wrong #Tlot #tcot #LibertarianWe Are Libertarians
Report: Group plans to buy Sacramento Kings and build a $400 million arena – @sacbee_news
Update: 29 police officers injured in East Belfast protests; 4 hospitalized – @SkyNews
Judge okays group prayers for Muslim inmates in Indiana – @Reuters
More than 100 killed in French air strikes and fighting in Mali – @Reuters
(PHOTO) Police officer injured at #Belfast protest today. 16 reported injured altogether @RT_com Firth
Spangle: Why Does Jeff Sessions Hate Jack Lew?: Sen. Jeff Sessions has been very clear: Jack Lew (and his funny … Spangle
Spangle: The Problem With Sandy Relief Aid: One of the insider-political discussions in Indiana has been a discu… Spangle
How a bill moves through the Indiana Legislature. #INLegis #RedInChris Spangle
Big Boi, Of Outkast, Explains Voting For Gary Johnson Over Obama #tcot #tlot #libertarian Spangle
Harrington: Jacob Lew’s Handwriting Makes Me Hungry Are Libertarians
Hospitals crack down on staff refusing flu shots; at least 15 in 4 states lost jobs after declining vaccinations – @AP
If you work in a hospital and refuse to get a flu shot, don’t be surprised when the fire your ass.Doug Mataconis

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