News Roundup for January 25, 2013

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News Roundup – January 25, 2013

In this Issue: Commentary, Libertarian Party News, News – Another School Shooting, Iraqi Protest, and the second anniversary of the Arab Spring turns deadly.

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@SenRandPaul to Kerry: Why is it OK to bomb Libya but not Cambodia w/o Congress’s Approval? #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
.@acarvin did a rad AmA on @reddit today about reporting on the Arab Spring. Here are the highlights! Hockenson
Ron Swanson Defines Libertarianismscreamqueen6666
An Analysis of the Libertarian Messages in TV’s South Park Institute
Trust Issues
Obama’s Vision of a Nation of Takers Mitchell
No New Jersey paper has reported Menendez FBI investigation today, according to Google News Coglianese
Jindal, Rubio, Christie & Paul all made 2016 moves this week – Lewis
Rand On’President Paul”I Like The Ring Of That’ Oh shit.@RandPaul is officially a traitor to the US.Watch the last 25sSweetred Archer
Rand Paul Peeves Fans of Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy: "Any Attack on Israel will … – Reason (blog) #RonPaul #tlot #tcotRon Paul
I usually agree with Rand Paul on foreign policy, not this time Mataconis
Massachusetts Motel Owners Defeat Federal Forfeiture Based on Guests’ Drug Offenses – Hit & Run : Reason.comGreat news from Massachusetts: Ray and Patricia Caswell, owners of a Tewksbury, Massachusetts, motel that the federal government tried to…
Emperor Palpatine’s economic stimulus.
Now fully digitized for your device: 16 years of Rothbard analysis on your device! Institute
Video: Andrew Campanella on National School Choice Week 2013
Supreme Court Rules: Social Security is NOT a Binding Contract by Jonathan BeanBy Jonathan Bean | Wednesday January 23, 2013 at 7:40 PM PST This post was prompted by all-too-common opinions expressed in Randall Holco…
Liberty For All " Blog Archive " Keeping my oathby R. Lee Wrights Despite what you may think, I am not much of a "joiner." Unfortunately, I have learned through experience that joining …
Bobby Jindal’s (Almost) Radical GOP Reformism
Lenz: 1/25 Today’s Interesting Links Are Libertarians
FBI Director: I Have to Check to See If Obama Has the Right to Kill Americans On U.S. Soildjgabrielpresents
What Illicit Police Snooping Tells Us About Government Databases The Shocking List of Firearms That Would Be Banned Under the Feinstein BillFlanked by gun grabbing lawmakers, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein announced the int…
Best Journalist in Social Media – The Shorty AwardsThe social web has become the go-to destination for breaking news and real-time answers to real-world questions. Do you follow a journali…
Long Live the Filibuster! Institute
RT @nickgillespie: Have you jumped on @SenFeinstein’s #assaultweapons ban wagon yet? Read this first HT @EmilyMillerreason
Gault: Social Media Ammo 1: Every week I will post the best memes, videos, and pictures that I’ve found througho… Are Libertarians
Video: Sex, Violence and Satan: 6 Unbelievably Dumb Congressional Hearings
Cato Named America’s Most Effective Think Tank Per Dollar Spent (ICYMI)Cato Institute
LMAO: Laura Safe Tells How she ‘Fell into a Canal while Texting’ on BBC Breakfast: Are Libertarians
Students For Liberty – Closing the Libertarian Gender Gap: Reaching Out to Women on Your CampusWomen For Liberty is excited to announce our upcoming breakout session at the 2013 International Students For Liberty Conference: Closing…
*VIDEO* Thom Hartmann: "Ron Paul killed Kent Snyder"Thom Hartmann invited the editor of The Libertarian Republic news magazine onto his show to debate whether citizens should have a right t…
The 17 Habits of Somewhat Effective Assholes – How to be a pundit.
BLOG Supreme Court Snubs Citizens Whose Social Security Will Be Confiscated If They Refuse Government Health Car… Liberty
Aaron’s ArmyDo not think for a moment that Aaron’s work on JSTOR was the random act of a lone hacker, some kind of crazy, spur-of-the-moment bulk dow…
Obama’s ‘Recess’ Appointments Declared Unconstitutional: Today, President Obama’s belief in a “living Constituti…
Libertarian Party News:
Now we’re looking at greater involvement in Mali? I’m about 1 pair of U.S. boots on foreign soil away from joining the Libertarian party…Brad Thor
@BradThor I did it years ago. Better set of kooks in the Libertarian Party.Zach Ward
Today I announced that I’m resuming the Honorary Chairmanship of the Our America Initiative. Here’s the release: #tlotGov. Gary Johnson
2012 Libertarian Party Election Results Ranked by State2012 Libertarian Party Election Results Ranked by State reports " Final 2012 Election Results Now Available." I used their table o…
LNC: Chair Geoff Neale Accepts Ruth Bennett’s Resignation as SecretaryLast Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from Ruth Bennett. In that conversation she informed me that she was resigning, and that s…
Can Social Media Break the Two-Party Political System?Can Social Media Break the Two-Party Political System?Jan. 03, 2012 | by Stan PugsleyDon’t count on it, at least in 2012.Social media …
LNC Accepting Nominations for Vacated Secretary PositionThis was sent out in email today. Dear Libertarian, After Ruth Bennett was elected to the Continental Elementary School District Board in…
Alicia Mattson: Application to Fill LNC Secretary VacancyThe LNC has received another application for the secretary position LNC Members and Alternates, I am writing regarding the vacancy in the…
Chuck Moulton: Application to fill LNC Secretary vacancyLetter from Chuck Moulton to LNC below the divider. We’ve also received applications from David Blau and Gary Johnson of TX. Mr. Blau sai…
Gary Johnson (TX): Application to fill LNC Secretary vacancyLetter from Gary Johnson (TX) to LNC below the divider. We’ve also received applications from Chuck Moulton and David Blau. Mr. Johnson p…
David Blau: Application to fill LNC Secretary vacancyLetter from David Blau to LNC below the divider. We’ve also received applications from Chuck Moulton and Gary Johnson of TX (although Mr….
The Libertarian Party committee that will nominate a candidate to run in a June special election for the 8th… MO District
Libertarian Party seeking candidates for Bucks County – Warminster, PA Patch C Hillman
#libertarian #tlot LIBERTARIAN PARTY ANNOUNCES CANDIDATES AND NOMINATING … – Southeast Missour… #libertarianismNew York Libertarian
Libertarians meet in Miami, choose local candidates: The Miami-Dade County affiliate of the Libertarian Party me…
Another School Shooting:
More: Suspect shot and killed at Tarrant County College, Texas, parking lot – @CBSDFW
NBC DFW’s Twitter PhotoNBC DFW
Breaking: Gun believed used in #lonestarshooting recovered during arrest of Trey Foster in Plano. @abc13houston #HouNewsJessica Willey
2nd suspect arrested without incident in shooting at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas, US Marshals say – @NBCDFW
Random News:
Franklin County, Indiana Passes 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
‘Net Neutrality’ Back on D.C. Agenda –
UN launches probe into drone strikesThe UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has launched an investigation into drone strikes and will review resultant civili…
The Surreal, Ironic Story Behind California’s Retroactive Tax on Investors #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Boeing: Welcomes progress made in NTSB investigation into Dreamliner; continuing to assist investigations, not permitted to comment.CNBC
Sarah Palin Out At Fox News Channel via @mediaiteMediaite
North Korea threatens to attack South Korea if it helps enforce a UN punishment for December rocket launch – @nytimes
US envoy: US, China agree North Korea nuclear test would lead to further isolation, set back regional talks – @AP
New York Gun Owners Plan Defiance of Registration Law –
Google Earth exposes North Korea’s secret prison camps – TelegraphThe fence has two checkpoints and six guard posts, while a number of accommodation units and office buildings are also clearly visible. A…
Rhode Island Gov. Chafee calls same-sex bill passed by House ‘historic,’ urges Senate to follow suit – @LincolnChafee
Emails show FBI investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutesDocuments published online for the first time Thursday indicate that the FBI opened an inquiry into New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menend…
Emanuel To Banks: Stop Supporting Gun MakersChicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is putting more pressure on gun makers to get behind his push for an assault weapons ban and criminal backgrou…
Tighter Media Regulation Planned in EU –
Cuba confirms first hard-wired Internet connection to the outside world has been activated – @AP
Court: Obama recess appointments unconstitutionalA federal appeals court has overturned President Obama’s controversial recess appointments from last year, arguing he abused his powers a…
Sen. Tom Harkin Plans Federal Campaign Against Fat –
Louisiana Gov. Jindal urges ‘re-thinking nearly every social program in Washington’ in speech to GOP – @politico
Tomato prices to rise if US-Mexico trade agreement ends, study says – @latimes
Russian police detain 20 people outside parliament during ‘kiss-in’ protest against anti-gay-promotion law – @Reuters
British Man Claims He Was Tortured by the CIA –
Poland’s parliament rejects draft laws that would have given limited legal rights to homosexual couples – @Reuters
Japanese envoy says tensions with China over islands could be resolved – @Reuters
Japan detains Chinese fishing boat, 8 crew members for illegal fishing – @AP
Indian Hindu nationalist party hands out 21,000 kitchen knives and bags of chili powder following gang rape – @Reuters
breaking: Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss plans to announce that he will not run for reelection in 2014, POLITICO has learnedPOLITICO
US Air, American Airlines in final stages of merger talks; deal could come in next 2 weeks, sources tell @Reuters
Bill That Would Ban The "Promotion" of Homosexuality Passes First Reading in Russian Parliament –
Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia announces he won’t run for re-election; ‘this is about frustration’ – statement via @wsbtv
Reports: Federal government paid $120M in Medicare services for prisoners, illegal immigrantsMIAMI – The taxpayer-funded Medicare program paid more than $120 million from 2009 to 2011 in violation of federal law for medical servic…
U.S. Will Not Allow Unlocking of Phones –
Sales of new single-family homes in the US fell 7.3% in December – @MarketWatch
Poll: More Than Half of Republicans OK With Government Shutdown –
Many GOP Senate Staffers Shown the Door –
BREAKING NEWS: Congressman Lynch to run for US Senate seat, challenge colleague Ed Markey for Dem nomination in special News
Exxon Mobil regains title of world’s most valuable company as Apple’s market cap plummets – @mashable
Tennessee declares state of emergency due to freezing rain, icy conditions – @Tennessean
Not getting any better, ice storm continues…#tennessee #knoxvilletn #icestorm #winterintennesseehsradford
Official: Hundreds of thousands of Pentagon employees face furloughs if no deal to avoid budget cuts by March 1 – @AP
"Nobody outworks Denis McDonough," says Pres. Obama of his new Chief of Staff. "One of my closest and most-trusted advisers."Mark Knoller
Jonathan Karl’s Twitter PhotoJonathan Karl
AT&T says it will buy spectrum licenses across 18 states from Verizon Wireless for $1.9 billion – @nytimes
RNC Head Planning Overhaul of GOP –
Britain Considering Same Sex Marriage –
Does Hillary have double vision after blood clot scare? Close up shot shows ‘Fresnel prism’ lenses in Clinton’s glassesSecretary of State Hillary Clinton has wasted no time in getting back to business since returning to work following treatment for a blood…
White House, Senate group to launch separate efforts next week to push for immigration reform – @AP
PepsiCo removing controversial ingredient, brominated vegetable oil, from Gatorade following customer complaints – @AP
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says court decision on recess appointments imperils Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a…
Priebus says of Obama: "you’ve made your party into one that promises more from government, but delivers less and less from our economy"Steve Brusk
Dolphin reported stranded in New York City’s Gowanus Canal – @NBCNewYork
Subway apologizes for too-short ‘Footlong’ sandwiches, says working to ‘ensure consistency and correct length’ – @AP
UK heads for triple dip as GDP contracts 0.3pc – TelegraphThe Office for National Statistics said the fall was down to lower output from the North Sea and manufacturers. The news will be a blow f…
France Shows New Signs of Recession –
Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana proposes abortion bills to mark ‘March for Life’ rally – @thehill
Mark Kelly, NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to testify on gun violence at Senate hearing on Wednesday – @TPM
S&P 500 has longest winning streak since 2004; 1st close above 1,500 since December 2007 – @APBreaking News
House Speaker John Boehner, Sen. Rand Paul, Rick Santorum speak to abortion opposition crowd at ‘March for Life’ rally in Washington, DC …
Sandy victims left out in the cold during arctic blastThe brutal cold snap affecting much of the country is taking a devastating toll on victims of superstorm Sandy, many of whom are camped o…
Republicans Try to Change Electoral College:
Virginia governor opposes Electoral College changeA spokesman for Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says the governor opposes the GOP legislation that would award the state’s elector…
Mitt Romney Would Have Won Virginia Under The Electoral College Plan The GOP Legislature Is Trying To ImplementVirginia’s Republican-controlled Legislature is moving to drastically change the way in which the state’s Electoral College votes are all… McDonnell opposes changing electoral college. Spox: "He believes Virginia’s existing system works just fine as it is."Kasie Hunt
Former RNC chair Haley Barbour says ‘Republican conspiracy’ on Electoral College overblown – MSNBC interview via @TPM
At least 2 Republican state senators say they oppose Virginia Electoral College bill – @AP
Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes to Pass SenateA proposed ban on sales of assault weapons would be defeated in the U.S. Senate today unless some members changed their current views, ba…
Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government OfficialsNot everyone will have to abide by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control bill. If the proposed legislation becomes law, government offic…
Mike Memoli’s Twitter PhotoMike Memoli
Second Anniversary of Cairo Uprising:
Hundreds clash with Egypt’s police in Cairo at start of 2nd anniversary of uprising which toppled Mubarak – @Reuters
Photo: The frontline of clashes on Sheikh Rihan off Tahrir Square
Not sure what this puppet concoction is but it’s getting lots of attention in march to #tahrir #jan25 Mohyeldin
Clashes getting serious in Alexandria, sounds of live ammunition #EgyptSherine Tadros
Sharif Kouddous’s Twitter PhotoSharif Kouddous
Muslim Brotherhood offices in Ismailia, Egypt, are set ablaze as protesters clash with police, witnesses say – @Reuters
Sharif Kouddous’s Twitter PhotoSharif Kouddous
Hundreds of protesters break into local government offices in Ismailia, Egypt, witnesses say – @Reuters
119 people injured after clashes across Egypt, health ministry says – @AlArabiya_Eng
Mali state forces advance into town of Hombori 100 miles south of rebel stronghold Gao, military sources say – @Reuters
Islamist fighters in Mali blow up a strategic bridge near the Niger border on the road to Gao, sources say – @AFP
Iraqi Protests:
More: ‘We received 3 bodies with gunshot wounds,’ hospital source says of dead protesters in Iraq – @Reuters
Update: Death toll in Fallujah protests is up to 5; some 23 are wounded, officials say – @AP
Syrian army steps up offensive on opposition Sunni strongholds in Homs, rebel sources say – @Reuters
U.S. Gives Another $10 Million in Aid to Help Syrians: The United States has given another $10 million in aid to…
Saudi Arabian prince calls for arming Syrian rebels to ‘level the playing field’ – @AFP
More than 6,400 Syrians flee to Jordan in past 24 hours; more than 30,000 have fled in January, UN agency says – @AFP

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