News Roundup – January 23, 2013

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News Roundup January 23, 2013

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Says a Clinton? "Let’s avoid turning everything into a political football." Benghazi recap #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
House Foreign Affairs Chairman Royce on Benghazi: The state dept saw this was coming, and the state dept didn’t act.Patricia Zengerle
@SenJohnBarrasso "has Al Qaeda been decimated?" HRC says core has been but "we do have to contend with wanna bes and affilates"Kelly O’Donnell
Hillary Clinton tells House committee ‘any of the cables that have to do with security [in Benghazi] did not come to my attention’ – @nyt…
Clinton: "I was not involved in the so-called talking points process."Andrew Kaczynski
Debt Ceiling:
Rand Paul slams House GOP leaders over debt ceiling (via @unitedliberty)Jason Pye
US House of Representatives passes extension of US debt limit to May 19; measure moves to Senate – @Reuters
Can duly kicked.daveweigel
Eric Bolling reporting that Rand Paul will run for POTUS in 2016.Austin Petersen
Biden making moves – Joe Biden ‘intoxicated’ by 2016 run #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
@_DavidCox MOAR – Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits! Spangle
Sen. Rubio questioning Sec’y of State Clinton now over Benghazi. Can’t help thinking about 2016 implications …Eamon Javers
Hillary—I appreciate your kind words Sen Rubio…can’t wait to use them in a campaign ad 2016kirsten powers
Operation Hillary 2016 Underway: She cares, she cares, she works tirelessly; Congress is really to blame for security funding denial.Laura Ingraham
Obama Inauguration: 
Obama tries to explain that entitlements ARE part of the Founder’s vision of America. #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Obama Inaugural Speech: US to Maintain Global Military Presence #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Obama offers no real path forward on entitlements #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Stonewall riots – Wikipedia #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Obama’s Warmed-Over Collectivism #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Obama’s Big Defense of Big Government #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
During Obama’s inaugural address, CNN had more than 3 million viewers, Fox 1.31 million, MSNBC 2.27 million – Nielsen via @CNN
20.6 million people watched President Obama’s 2nd inauguration on TV; viewership down 46% – @NielsenWire
Obama’s Inaugural Address, Individual Rights, and the Royal "We" That Screws Us All #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
NRA leader denounces Obama’s call for gun control, criticizing Inaugural Address – @nytimes
Wayne LaPierre Responds to President Obama’s Inaugural Address – YouTube #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Texas College Shooting: 
22-year-old man has been charged in the shootings at Houston-area community college campus – @AP
Sheriff’s office: Texas college shooting was altercation between 2 individuals, one a student – @AP
3 wounded in shooting between 2 individuals at Houston campus, @lonestarcollege tweetsBreaking News
Random Bits:
Panetta’s decision overturns 1994 rule banning women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units – @AP
More on Pentagon chief Panetta lifting ban on women serving in combat:
Politicians now have thousands more bodies to throw at the front lines of pointless wars. This is a huge milestone for civil rights.radleybalko
90 Sheriffs and Two Sheriffs Associations Have Pledged to Ignore "Obama Gun Control"
From Europe to Asia to Latin America, the World Hates America’s Drones #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Cool podcast: The Liberty Beat is your daily source for liberty news and activist updates. #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Republican Rep. Steve Stockman introduces bill to stop Obama’s gun control executive actions – @thehill
Photos: Icicles cover smoky remains of massive Chicago blaze – via @NBCNewsPictures
Official confirms situation involving active shooter on Moody Air Force Base in Georgia; base on lock down – @WCTV
Beverage industry, NYC lawyers duel over limiting size of sugary drinks – @AP
Google Transparency Report shows number of requests for user info from law enforcement at an all time high – @BBCNews
In Fight Over Marijuana’s Scheduling, Appeals Court Rules in Favor of DEA and Schedule #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Conserv Group Concerned Women for America says they are "disappointed" with Panetta’s decision RE: women in combat.Frank Thorp V
Sen. John Kerry to divest some holdings if confirmed as US secretary of state, according to agreement – @Reuters
Report: Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel met with Jewish leaders at White House, sources tell @CNN
Gay marriage bill passes Rhode Island committee; sends it to full House for consideration – @projo
Samsung passes Apple as world’s biggest buyer of semiconductors – @PCMag
Press Release: Governor, You’ve Won – It’s Time to Give Real Solutions: Gov. Mike Pence gave his first State of … of IN
Beware of Conspiracy Theories About Sandy Hook by Jesse Ventura #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Abortion opponents mark 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade decision – @AP
Mali: the fastest blowback yet in this disastrous war on terror #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Groupon Inc. has stopped all current and future gun-related deals – @latimes
Colombian singer Shakira confirms birth of son on her website – @usweekly
World War II Spending Did Not End the Great Depression #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
History Suggests That Entitlement Era Is Winding Down #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
How Much Military Is Enough? #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Reports: 12 Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace overnight – @RT_com
War is Peace: US military says Martin Luther King would be proud of its weapons #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Three Reasons Why the Charges against Bradley Manning Should be Dropped #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
Update: 23 people killed and 75 wounded in suicide bombing at Shia mosque in northern #Iraq – officials Breaking News
Voice actor who portrayed Charlie Brown in episodes of ‘Peanuts’ arrested on charges including stalking – @UTSanDiego
UK’s Burger King drops contract with Irish firm linked to horse meat – @BBCNews
US trade panel will review judge’s decision in Samsung, Apple patent dispute – @Reuters
Media magnate Ted Turner’s son Teddy running as a Republican in a South Carolina congressional primary – @AP
Detroit News reporter accused of threatening to kill Michigan treasurer’s ex-wife – @freep
More: Search continues after a plane carrying 3 Canadians disappeared in the Antarctic – @GlobalNational
Colorado Senate committee passes a bill allowing gay couples to form civil unions – @denverpost
UK PM David Cameron says he is in favour of a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union – via broadcastBreaking News
United Kingdom Moves Away from the European Project Geldard
Court overturns Indiana ban on sex offenders using social networks #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
German foreign minister wants UK to "remain an active and constructive part" of #EU and warns against "cherry-picking" Breaking News
US House Speaker John Boehner says he supports a plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years – @PoliticalTicker
US labor unions saw sharp declines in membership in 2012; unionization rate hit lowest level since the 1930s – @AP
Rory Rowbottom jailed for 3 months for dumping a pig’s head outside a mosque in Newbury in October – @BBCNews
Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o says he briefly lied about his online girlfriend after discovering hoax – @ABC
Guatemala’s president: ‘My country bears the scars from the war on drugs’ #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
US Air Force recorded ‘appalling’ number of sexual assault reports in 2012, its chief of staff tells lawmakers – @AP
Muslim Brotherhood boycotts Jordan’s parliamentary election, says electoral system ensures support for king – @VOA_News
17 Killed in Four Straight Days of US Drone Strikes in Yemen #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
The Postal Service’s watchdog is investigating the agency for runaway travel expenses – @Reuters
Cool podcast: The Liberty Beat is your daily source for liberty news and activist updates. #tcot #tlot #libertarian Spangle
Report: Deputy leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and 1 of the most wanted men in Saudi Arabia has been killed – @CNN
US home sales rose to 5-year high last year, though sales dipped in December – @AP
U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt, despite Morsi’s harsh rhetoric #tlot #tcot #libertarian Are Libertarians
AMC announces new season of ‘Mad Men’ will debut in the US on April 7 – @nydailynews
Family of Junior Seau sues the NFL, claiming suicide was result of brain disease caused while playing football – @AP
The Impending Death Of Pro Football – #NFL Are Libertarians
If you haven’t Liked the @LPIN page, please do so! They helped me tremendously in my run for #INGov. Boneham
White House says it will proceed with Gen. Allen’s nomination to become NATO commander – @AP
Gay marriage bill passes Rhode Island committee; sends it to full House for consideration – @projo
Open and Closed Libertarians : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education #tlot #tcot #libertarianWe Are Libertarians
Nebraska’s governor approves revised route for Keystone XL pipeline that would connect Canadian oil sands to refineries in Texas – @AP
Senator Frank Lautenberg Is Too Old to Run for Reelection #tcot #tlot #libertarian Are Libertarians
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