A neo-con/libertarian riff that will kill the GOP.

Mike Kole has a great post on the war between neo-con/Rawlsian liberal + social conservative/modern Republicans and libertarian/classical libertarians/faux-cons.  Read it here. This is the battle for the “soul” of the GOP.

I maintain that if the GOP continues to deny rights in the name of religion, they will become a permanent minority with my generation. We are entering a time where the media and American popular thought consider being religious (especially Christianity) as insane a belief as 9-11 truthers, and people who believe the free masons control the world. (For the record, I am a believer in Christ and proud of it. I believe 9-11 was as we saw. I also believe that the free mason’s are really just a boy scouts for old men.)

I wrestled for a long while with the question of honoring my religious beliefs by writing it into public policy, but I never could quite accept that I was denying rights to others. You are either denying a person’s first amendment rights, or denying their pursuit to hapiness. Most Americans agree. Most Americans want to be left alone, and want as much of their money as possible.

Unfortunately for the GOP, they couldn’t stop hammering away at the Gay Rights issue. Most under 30 have many gay friends, and are accepting of this different lifestyle. To millenials, the GOP looks bigoted, and hypocritical when it preaches freedom. They also look completely hypocritical when they preach free markets, capitalism, less spending, and less government. See this great break down of Bush’s recent bailout speech by Matt Welch. So there should be no suprise that 80% of my generation voted Democrat, and many others were fans of Ron Paul or Libertarians. 

So if the GOP wants to ever see the majority again, they need to move to a more libertarian stance. Social Conservatives will dwindle as my generation moves up in years. But the GOP has no guts, and are afraid to take a stance on principles. They won’t fight for more freedom and less government, because one isn’t popular with the base (the Christian Right/donor base/talking heads), and the other part isn’t popular with the media. So they don’t want to lose power, and will continue to make mistakes, move left, and be made to look like fools. Principled libertarians like myself will figure it out, get frustrated, and leave in disgust. That is why I believe the Libertarian Party will be competitive with the GOP eventually. The GOP will soon be considered the whigs.

Libertarians on NRO

Derb is a good guy, and I like his podcast. Here is the link to this article. I am just going to post the note that was sent to him, because it sums up a lot of the sentiment that has been flooding the LPIN HQ.

“Mr. D — As a ‘young intellectual conservative’ mulling over factions in the coming Big Conservative Brouhaha, I’m thinking of jumping the USS GOP in favor of the Libertarian party. 3 quick reasons

  • It’s ideologically coherent. Or, at least, built on a strong foundation of promoting individual liberty and, y’know, actually deferring to the Constitution.


  • It’s ‘cool’. Libertarians are generally viewed as either uncompromising personal freedoms/open market zealots, or in the case of those just looking for a political party that justifies their bad behavior, party animals. Both are preferable to the ‘sexually repressed bigoted fundamentalist freakshow’ image the Republican party now engenders, thanks largely to the media and, well, Republicans in general lately.



  • Compassionate conservatism sucks. I don’t want a holy-roller welfare state any more than I want a degenerate welfare state.”

How did Hoosier Libertarians do in 2008?

From our Chairman, Todd Singer:


The Libertarian Party of Indiana would like to thank all of those who ran as candidates. Their hard work has brought greater vote totals and legitimacy, and has grown the party significantly. We would also like to thank those who have helped our candidates. Running for office with no staff, little money, and few volunteers is a difficult task. When Libertarians stand up to help other Libertarians in their bid for office, it can be a richly rewarding experience for all. Thank you to those who gave their time and money to our candidates.

Above all, thank you to all those who voted for any of the LPIN candidates. We hope you will continue to support liberty in this way.

The LPIN had an impressive year in 2008. All corners of the state had significant gains despite the heaviest straight-ticket voting in recent memory. We competed and grew in an environment where the Big Two spent $5.3 billion to spread their messages. These numbers speak to the LPIN’s significant growth, and the public’s continuing desire for a third, liberty-minded option. Here is a snapshot of some of the LPIN’s accomplishments in 2008 as of October 7, 2008 (numbers are still coming in, and may be higher when certified.):

  • All of the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s Federal candidates won a total of 70,673 votes. This year, the LPIN had 6 candidates. In 2000, the LPIN fielded 11 Federal candidates, with a total of 59,188 votes (excluding that year’s Senate race.)


  • This year, the LPIN had 14 State-level candidates. They received a total of 84,047 votes. In 2000, the LPIN fielded 37 candidates, with a vote total of 80,574. This is a tremendous number, and speaks to the need to field a record number of state-level candidates in 2010.



  • In 2000, Harry Browne won 15,530. In 2008, Bob Barr won 25,358 votes. Indiana is the ONLY state that gave over 1 percent of their vote to the Barr/Root ticket.



  • In 2000, Andy Horning earned 38,458 votes. In 2008, Andy won 47,257 votes.

Now some numbers and facts from our individual campaigns:

In 2002, Rex Bell was only the second person to win a precinct in the history of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Wayne County has added some new names to that honor this year:

  • Rex Bell, District 54 candidate, won 8 precincts, (6 in Wayne County, 2 in Henry County) polling as high as 64%. In the District 54 race, Wayne County percentages increased from 23% in 2006, to 37% this year. In the same race, Henry County percentages increased from 9% in 2006, to 32% this year. Overall, he took 33.5 percent of the vote in his race.


  • Cheryl Heacox, Wayne County Commissioner District 2 candidate, won a precinct, and finished second in 5 others.



  • Jon Bell, District 56 candidate, won a precinct in a heavily gerrymandered Democratic district, and finished with over 20% of the vote.



  • Gayle Bond, Wayne County Commissioner District 3 candidate, made a strong showing, finishing with over 40% in 5 precincts.



  • Wayne County Council candidates Jim Mikesell and Marvin Heacox made a good showing, finishing in double digits in several precincts.



  • In Madison County, Robert Jozwiak ran an energetic for the House District 37, a heavily Gerrymandered Democratic district. A Libertarian has never run in the district, and Jozwiak earned 1,197 votes, or 4.42 percent of the vote.



  • Another first time candidate was Ryan Liedtky in Northern Indiana. Marshall is an unaffiliated county with three Libertarians that meet once a month. Liedtky is the first Libertarian to run in the Republican-run county. He knocked on over 500 doors in his bid for election to the Marshall County Council. He earned 1,762 votes, or 3.59 percent of the vote against 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats.



  • In Hendricks County, both Michele Colson and I received over 19 percent of the vote in our bid for Hendricks County Commissioner.



  • In Southern Indiana, Eric Schansberg was in a highly contested race. Schansberg’s opponent’s both had a collective war chest of $3 million. Despite this, Schansberg increased his vote totals by 2,000 votes. Schansberg’s campaign raised an impressive $30,000.



  • In Marion County, Ed Angleton ran a two way race with a beloved Democrat, and finished with 15.8 percent of the vote. Ed knocked on countless doors, talking with residents of the district one to two hours a night. Ed wore out a pair of shoes, and one of his knees. Ed raised $4,500 from friends and neighbors, and put out a mailer that impressed local Democrats, Republicans, and members of the media.



  • In State Senate District 30, Steve Keltner managed to make a 16-year incumbent work to earn votes for the first time. Steve ran an aggressive campaign for two years, that rivaled his opponents in the last days of the campaign. Steve raised over $10,000, and used $6,000 for TV ads the last few days of the campaign. Steve won 7.2 percent of the vote.



  • Even the LPIN paper candidates saw a dramatic increase, with most averaging 5 percent in their races.

As you know, we have hired an Executive Director, Chris Spangle, within the last month. He has already begun to coordinate our 2010 elections. Our ballot access race is the Secretary of State race. If we achieve two-percent, we are considered a minor political party, which is our current status. We will remain on the ballot. BUT I believe our ideas deserve major party status, which is 10 percent. This is our aim in the coming 2 years.

There are some ways you can help:

1. Please join the 1994 Society. It is a monthly donation program to the Libertarian Party of Indiana. The money will be used for preparation for the Secretary of State race and other Libertarian Candidates. These preparations include organizing county organizations, organizing College Libertarian groups, and recruiting candidates. These activities cost our new Executive Director a lot of gas money! Please support our 2010 campaigns by signing up today. There is no set bottom. We suggest $10, $20, or $30 a month. That is a dollar or less a day to support liberty in Indiana! One can sign up on www.lpin.org, or call Chris Spangle at (317) 920-1994.

2. Join your county organization. Check www.lpin.org website for your county affiliate, contact them, and get involved! If there isn’t someone in your county, please consider organizing one. Contact Chris Spangle at cspangle@lpin.org if you need more information.

3. Consider running for office. A successful, active campaign should start today. Contact Chris Spangle or myself if this is something you’d like to explore. It is not a coincidence that the areas that run consistent, active campaigns have the strongest county organizations. Statehouse candidates will also be instrumental in achieving a higher vote total in the Secretary of State race.

Thank you for you support of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.


Todd Singer
State Chair

Is the Ron Paul movement that big of a deal?

I’ve heard many say they were voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party because of Ron Paul’s endorsement. Some were even writing in Ron Paul, who was not a qualified candidate. Some Libertarians have expressed concern that the Constitution Party may be a threat to the LP. I think the numbers show that Paul’s endorsement has little effect on voters. It also shows the foolishness of the media attention that Ralph Nader always gets. It ALSO shows the importance of ballot access for Libertarians.

Many people were upset that Barr would not visit the kiddie table by showing up at Paul’s third-party press conference. While we are still not in the same league as the big two vote-wise, we are still something different than other third parties. We damage our party’s legitimacy by making ourselves “one of the third parties” instead of THE third option.

Let me say that Ron Paul was someone I voted for in the primary, and instrumental in my understanding of libertarianism. It is now time to take his advice and focus more on his message and principles, the same one our founders espoused, and not the man himself.


Obama, Barack Joe Biden (Democratic)













Statewide Barr, Bob Wayne A. Root (Libertarian) McCain, John Sarah Palin (Republican) Faith, Michael L. (W/I(Americas Independent)) Castle, Darrell L. (W/I(Constitution)) McKinney, Cynthia A. (W/I(Green)) Baldwin, Chuck (W/I(Independent)) Bone, Lawson Mitchell (W/I(Independent)) Mottus, Kevin (W/I(Independent)) Nader, Ralph Matt Gonzalez (W/I(Independent)) Plemons, John Leroy (W/I(Independent)) Kujawski, “Lou” (W/I(Republican)) Moore, Brian Stewart A. Alexander (W/I(Socialist))

Proof that Libertarians take more Democratic Votes

It is incorrect that Libertrians always “take away” Republican votes. Take a look at this poll from the 2006 Congressional race between Hill/Sodrel/Schansberg:

“Libertarian Eric Schansberg gets 5% in today’s poll, which, in a contest this close, will make a difference. Because Schansberg’s support is disproportionately Liberal, he appears to take more votes from the Democrat Hill than the Republican Sodrel.”

I encourage you to click the link so that you may fully educate yourself, and stop spreading myths.

P.S. Click here for the data of this cycle.

The Arrogance of the GOP on Libertarians

The best-named blog, Conservatibbs, touts a common theme when Republicans discuss Libertarians:

“Schansberg’s run for Congress as a Libertarian is actually an impediment to implementing a libertarian legislative agenda. The votes that Schansberg drains from Sodrel will help Baron Hill in his efforts to return to Congress. That would be destructive to efforts to limit government and protect the unborn, two issues where Schansberg and Sodrel are, for the most part, in agreement. Schansberg’s run for Congress is unwise and counterproductive.”

I’d like to remind all members of the Republican party that Libertarians are a different party, not a sub-group within the GOP. There are two types of Libertarians: Republicans who realized that the Republicans are no longer Conservatives, and Democrats who realized that socialism is wrong.

It’s time for Republicans to drop the incorrect line that Libertarians are just Republican votes. I am a Libertarian. I vote Libertarian. It is my vote. It isn’t a Republican vote.

And that is precisely the reason why many are leaving the parties. The average voter’s voice carries no weight with the party structure. If you espouse an idea different from the party platform, your voice is silenced, and you are labeled a traitor or a whacko. No debate or discussion is allowed within the party structure.

Neocons (Big Government Republicans) rule the Republicans with an iron fist. I’ll direct you to this post to highlight the treatment of Ron Paul. He is a Taft/Goldwater Republican. The Bush Republicans have effectively labeled him “crazy.”

The angry, socialist left rules the Democrats. Keith Olbermann is a Daily Kos contributor, and speech writer for Barack Obama.

Honest, thoughtful citizens lose their voice. As a result, you lose my vote.

It is my vote.

Freedom on the Fourth Rally. Why?

Andy Horning and Dave Bond were on the show this morning. They explained why there will be a rally tomorrow at 10 AM at the Governor’s Mansion. They explained why people are so upset with our government, and what we can do to change it. You can listen below, or read this from Andy’s blog:

It may rain. This is Indiana, after all. But don’t doubt that I’ll be driving all the way from Freedom, Indiana to be at the Governor’s Mansion on North Meridian just north of 46th Street at 10am. I’m bringing my family and a box of Horning For Governor T-shirts.

No, this rally isn’t about my candidacy. It’s about you and your choices.

Let’s be clear on this: You cannot delegate your life to politicians. You have choices to make. You tried letting politicians handle the “Property Tax Reform” issue, and look at what happened. Political spending is up, taxes are up, prices are up, and you are still, in the minds of politicians, serfs.

If you want change right here, right now, you have to vote for it. There is no shortcut, and no other way. You must change what you’ve been doing if you want a different result.

What other choice is there?

Well, I suppose you can send me money J

Anyway, I’ll be there tomorrow. I know lots of others will be there too. I’m not going to say very much, since over the last fifteen years, I’ve already said what I have to say. And, I am happy to report, reinforcements are here at last, fighting the same fight.

So others will speak, and you can speak out too.

I think we’re finally coming to a consensus.

The priced of oil by itself is not the issue. Tax policy isn’t the issue. Public funding to the Colts or mall builders or foreign companies isn’t the issue. Illegal immigration isn’t the issue. Rising crime and poverty and imprisonment and loss of homes aren’t the core issues either. They’re all just symptoms.

The problem, the disease, the issue at hand and the heart of the matter is ungoverned government. Power without limits. Anarchy in an $800 suit.

And it’s time we put a leash on that monster.

Join us. What better way could there be to honor the sacrifices of our forefathers?

Bob Barr vs. Ron Paul on Policy

Here is a comparison of the policy positions of Ron Paul and Bob Barr, courtesy of Third Party Watch.


Ron Paul: “Non-interventionism is not isolationism. Non-intervention simply means America does not interfere militarily, financially, or covertly in the internal affairs of other nations. It does not we that we isolate ourselves; on the contrary, our founders advocated open trade, travel, communication, and diplomacy with other nations.” – source

Bob Barr: “Our National Defense policy must renew a commitment to non-intervention. We are not the world’s police force and our long, yet recently tarnished, tradition of respecting the sovereignty of other nations is necessary, not from only a moral standpoint, but to regain the respect of the world as a principled and peaceful nation.” – source


Ron Paul: “The sooner we withdraw the better. The invasion and continued US occupation has strengthened both Iran and Al-Qaeda in the region. Continuing down the road of a failed policy will only cost more money we do not have and more lives that should not be sacrificed. Interventionism has produced one disaster after another. It is time we return to a non-interventionist foreign policy that emphasizes peaceful trade and travel and no entangling alliances. We can begin by withdrawing from Iraq immediately.” – source

Bob Barr: “I believe the occupation of Iraq—where we have a presence in a foreign country that effectively manages that country and provides the fundamental basis on which that country and government exists and operates—is not something that is sound policy and is not consistent with the historical norms of a national defense policy. So I think that we need to—and I would as president—begin immediately and significantly drawing down our military and economic presence in Iraq for two reasons: One, because it is not in our interest to nation-build or to occupy foreign lands and, secondly, if we would ever wish to have the Iraqi government take responsibility for its own affairs, we necessarily have to remove the security blanket that right now makes it very easy for them not to do so. In other words, they are never going to assume responsibility for their own affairs as long as we are there propping them up.” – source

Taxes and spending

Ron Paul: “A pure consumption tax like the Fair Tax would be better than the current system only if we truly did away with the income tax by repealing the 16th amendment. Otherwise, we could end up with both the income tax and a national sales tax. A consumption tax also provides more transparency and less complexity. But the real issue is total spending by government, not tax reform.” – source

Bob Barr: “Cutting spending would allow America to implement real tax reform. Our goal should be to reduce both the tax burden on Americans and the intrusion in their lives resulting from IRS enforcement of the income tax. One of the best approaches would be to adopt some form of a consumption tax, like a national sales tax, replacing the Internal Revenue Service and all federal income taxes as well as payroll taxes.

“It is not enough to eliminate the income tax. We also must repeal the 16th amendment, which authorizes Congress to levy an income tax. Without doing so, there would be an ever-present danger that a future Congress would attempt to bring back the income tax on top of the Fair Tax or any other alternative to the income tax. ” – source

Federal Reserve

Ron Paul: “The greatest threat facing America today is not terrorism, or foreign economic competition, or illegal immigration. The greatest threat facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own government, marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation. It is this one-two punch—Congress spending more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed printing money to make up the difference—that threatens to impoverish us by further destroying the value of our dollars.” – source

Bob Barr: “If I could wave a magic wand and the Federal Reserve Bank would disappear tomorrow, I would do so. It’s a group of unelected governors that are not answerable to or accountable to the people of this country and yet they wield considerable influence over the economy by basically setting rates at which banks and other financial institutions can loan money. And they have built up, you know, huge reserves themselves that they can then dole out as they’re doing – as they did recently with Bear Stearns to prop up as failing, what they see as failing investment houses, for example.” – source


Individual rights

Ron Paul: “States, not the federal government, were charged with protecting individuals against criminal force and fraud. For the first time, a government was created solely to protect the rights, liberties, and property of its citizens. Any government coercion beyond that necessary to secure those rights was forbidden, both through the Bill of Rights and the doctrine of strictly enumerated powers.” – source

Bob Barr: “The United States was created for the purpose of securing the liberties of its people. The colonists fled oppressive old world governments. The nation’s founders drafted the Constitution to sharply limit the federal government’s powers. The horrors perpetrated by the many collectivist tyrannies of the 20th Century demonstrate that the danger of government, any government, violating individual liberty is greater today than when America was founded.” – source

Patriot Act

Ron Paul: “The Patriot Act waters down the Fourth amendment by expanding the federal government’s ability to use wiretaps without judicial oversight. The requirement of a search warrant and probable cause strikes a balance between effective law enforcement and civil liberties. Any attempt to dilute the warrant requirement threatens innocent citizens with a loss of their liberty. This is particularly true of provisions that allow for issuance of nationwide search warrants that are not specific to any given location, nor subject to any local judicial oversight.

“The Act makes it far easier for the government to monitor your internet usage by adopting a lower standard than probable cause for intercepting e-mails and internet communications. I wonder how my congressional colleagues would feel if all of their e-mail headings and the names of the web sites they visited were available to law enforcement upon a showing of mere ‘relevance.’” – source

Bob Barr: “The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution stands for the fundamental principle that the government cannot gather evidence against a person unless it has some tangible reason to believe that the person has violated the law (and that could include associating with terrorists). This reflects the principle that we are each, as citizens in a free society, clothed with a ‘sphere of privacy’ that the government cannot ‘pierce’ without a reason. If we were to take the position, reflected in provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act, that the government can invade our privacy and gather evidence that can be used against us based on no suspicion whatsoever that we’ve done anything wrong, but simply because the government wants to gather evidence as part of some generalized, ‘anti-terrorism’ or ‘foreign intelligence’ investigation, then we will have rendered that Fourth Amendment principle essentially meaningless. That is why this debate is so important.

“The notion that the government can gather evidence based on reasonable suspicion that a person has violated the law, also applies to a suspicion that the person is suspected of operating as an ‘agent of a foreign power’ (including a terrorist organization). This is appropriate; but in such a case also, the government should be held to the standard that it must first have some individualized suspicion that a person is an agent of a foreign power, and not that the government is on a fishing expedition.” – source

Real ID

Ron Paul: “We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID. A national ID with new tracking technologies means we’re heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy. I voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.” – source

Bob Barr: “Big Government advocates are personified by the current Bush administration, favoring central control of virtually every facet of activity in our society, from education to transportation and from the plumbing in our bathrooms to the bulbs in our lamps. While the Real ID debate shares some elements with its sister debate concerning voter ID, mixing the two as if two sides of the same coin dilutes the host of fundamental constitutional concerns and responsibilities affected by the Real ID Act program now being forced down the throats of the states.” – source

War on Drugs

Ron Paul: “I would [decriminalize drugs/medical marijuana], at the federal level. I don’t have control over the states. And that’s why the Constitution’s there.” – source

Bob Barr: “Today, I can reflect on my efforts and see no progress in stopping the widespread use of drugs. I’ll even argue that America’s drug problem is larger today than it was when Richard Nixon first coined the phrase, ‘War on Drugs,’ in 1972.

“America’s drug problem is only compounded by the vast amounts of money directed at this ongoing battle. In 2005, more than $12 billion dollars was spent on federal drug enforcement efforts while another $30 billion was spent to incarcerate non-violent drug offenders.

“The result of spending all of those taxpayer’s dollars? We now have a huge incarceration tab for non-violent drug offenders and, at most, a 30% interception rate of hard drugs. We are also now plagued with the meth labs that are popping up like poisonous mushrooms across the country.

“While it is clear the War on Drugs has been a failure, it is not enough to simply acknowledge that reality.” – source

More Ron Paul and Bob Barr goodness here. Many thanks to the dedicated Ron Paul/Bob Barr supporters who helped compile this list.

What I’ve been trying to say, only better.

Ed Angleton is a former Democrat-turned-Libertarian. I’ve been trying to explain my party shift over the last week or so, but maybe it has not been expressed as well as Ed’s writing, located here:


“What these ideological arguers fail to take stock of is that it is the other 20% that makes all the difference. For example, I can agree for the need to have a balanced budget. I can agree that government spending is out of control. I can agree that we are paying too many taxes. I can agree as to the need for a strong defense. But, I disagree with need for a constitutional amendment defining marriage which many Republicans insist is necessary.
Third Parties are highly necessary. Consider the citizen, who after years of watching his party drift further and further from the ideals that bound him to it in the first place, can no longer support the creature it has become. Some would argue that one should not leave the party in question, but should stay and work within the party to effect change. I’ll give this an “A” for theory but an “F” for practicality. When the rift has grown to great and the party so insulated from new ideas or change, those who control the workings of it will jealously guard their influence and do everything in their power to maintain the status quo. I give you the Carson Machine and the Center Township “gang”. So what is a Democrat with conservative economic values, but who treasures the civil liberties guaranteed to us by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to do other than become a Libertarian? Without that third party individuals capable of thinking for themselves instead of regurgitating “party” rhetoric would have no voice. But then that is the goal of those who would impose their ideology on us. It was true in the time of George III and it is just as true in the time of George W.”

Also, Check out the Jacob Perry strongly-worded post at the bottom. Don’t know what happened there between those two. Interesting nonetheless.

Why is Andy Horning running against Mitch?

Knowing that I am friends with Andy Horning, some have asked why Andy Horning would run for Governor as a Libertarian when Mitch Daniels has been so successful? I don’t know, lol.

I’ll let him explain himself:

“In fact many of us say we want a Real Leader, that is, someone who’ll authoritatively rule our lives, liberties and property. If you are such a person, I suggest you vote for Mitch Daniels. He really is the best leader Indiana has had in quite a while. Without any perceptible ideology or partisan loyalty, and certainly without any constitutional restraints, he very effectively does what he thinks is best with your rights, money and property. “

Read the rest here: http://wedeclare.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/the-choice-is-clear/

My Thoughts on GOP Shenanigans

Ronald Reagan did not believe in third parties. He believed that a person should choose a party that most closely identifies with a person’s beliefs and values. For myself, that is the Republicans. But what happens when a party loses its way? The Republican sins of big government are too numerous to mention for the last eight years. The largest sin is hypocrisy. Because while they commit their sins, they admonish and preach.

Ths occurs in two ways:

1. Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and David Vitter. Enough said.

2. “We are the party of limited government.” Then they vote on every spending bill they possibly can. Bush did not veto a bill until it was time to protect the unborn.

Then came Ron Paul. A person who walks the walk in addition to talking the talk. But because he opposes the war, he is considered a radical and his supporters kooks. But many Classic Liberals, Libertarians, and thinking Conservatives flocked to his message. They are hungry for their party to actually do what it says.

Freedom is the buzz word of the Bush administration and the current Republican Party.

But try to open debate on the party platform or the party talking points, and you are immediately shut down. Try to vote for a candidate that is not the party’s chosen candidate, and they will remove you ability to make that choice. Delegate status removed. Party Chairmen replaced. Rules illegally changed.


So what is a grassroots or regular member of a party supposed to do when their party loses its way? There are a couple of things they can do. A member of a party is punish it by sitting out elections. Large-Scale losses in a party cause a purging of the establishment. When John Kerry lost big in 2004, many of the Clinonistas were tossed out of the DNC. They were replaced by the more radical Howard Dean section of the party.

Or they can switch to a third-party. To you disillusioned Republicans, take a look at the Libertarians. There are more of us moving to a party that actually will practice what it preaches. Third-Parties aren’t as much fun as the big two. There is not as much free pizza, the signs are not as flashy, and the T-Shirts aren’t as nice. But maybe democracy and good government are not about those things.

P.S. The Democrats have the same shenanigans going on.

Another Libertarian Note

This note from Sean Shepard:

Hi there,
Sean Shepard has invited you to The Indianapolis Bob Barr For
President Meetup.

Sean Shepard says:
Bob Barr officially announced that he will seek the Libertarian
nomination for President of United States.  Thought we’d go
ahead and get an Indy MeetUp set-up for interested parties.

Initial MeetUp(s) will be 30 minutes before the regular monthly
libertarian meetup (which is always the best fun I have each

To find out more and join, click here:

Check This Out

I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but it seems like a video most of our audience would be interested in. This is a note from Melyssa Donaghy:

Greetings Friends,

I write to you only because I know you are liberty minded and can think independently. 

I recently watched a documentary by Aaron Russo (producer of “The Rose” and “Trading Places”).

For a time he had a friendship with Nick Rockefeller, who arrogantly spilled his guts during several talks and was part of the inspiration for the documentary. Russo ended their “friendship” before he died of cancer in the fall of 2007. The documentary is linked on the HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION blog and is copyright free.  It is Aaron’s gift to the world. .
The documentary needs to be viewed, shared, and discussed in as many forums as possible, both on line and in real time. 

Moreover, a plan for Indiana needs to be agreed upon.  We will need all our lawyers to step forward and work together and put politics, religion, and differences aside.

The cartel that owns the Federal Reserve want us to fight — dems, reps, libs, independents.  As long as we think these “issues” between the parties are all so important, we ignore the fact that the federal reserve is not controlled by our our government and that a cartel illegally controls the money. The scams are so deep, they are mind blowing. I hope by now you all understand that the feds are a private banking cartel intent to control the global population and its wealth. Have you heard?  They now own pretty much own all the mainstream media. 

Bush is getting ready to sign the national ID card into law any minute now.  It will likely be done by Monday morning after he’s done with his daughter’s wedding in 90 degree Texas heat.  You will have to have this card and its RFID chip in order to travel. This is just the first step before the rest of the technology that already exists is implemented up to and including human micro-chipping.  We’re very close.
The Feds already have plans to put RFID chips in the cash very soon.  Have you noticed how much our currency is changing?  They can do RFID now as small as a grain of sand or a dot on an “i” printed on your cheap paper money.   Get ready to have your every move tracked.  It’s coming before you know it.  The more people focus on the divides between the reps, dems, and independents…the better they like it.  People divided, rather than united…that’s the goal for they are easier to conquer.
Read your history and learn the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions while there is a shred of them left.

Listen to guys like Andy Horning, Sean Shepard, RJ Tavel, Tim Maguire, Mike Kole, Ken Gividen, Mark Rutherford, Dan Drexler, Brad Klopfenstein, Ed Angleton, Steve Keltner, Todd Singer, Chris Spangle, Ken Morgan, and Dave Bond.  Better yet…help get some of them elected. 

Every single one of us need to work together and look far beyond party affiliation.  What we unite to do for Indiana right now is critical.

The dudes behind the Federal Reserve don’t care which one of the three presidential candidates get elected.  So why do any of you?

In Faith,