The Real Reason for Reform

Forget the politics, although it seems as though the General Assembly can’t. Government is by the people, and for the people. So where did Indiana and the U.S. go wrong? This is the real reason for reform: Hi Abdul, My story is just one example of why you can’t just take the purchase price and figure a property […]

In Defense of Beth White

I am taking some heat because I defended Beth White this morning. I remember hanging around the Election warehouse during the counting of the Scott Keller ballots (who won by 3 in a recount in 2003), and watching Doris Anne Sadler cry because of the shady dealings of Ed Treacy and his crowd. We can […]

A Note to Rupert Pupkin

First Read this: Now here is my response to him, posted on his comments page. He probably will not post it, but Just in Case. —- 1. You can hear the discussion in question here: 2. The only thing muslim about Abdul is his name. And for you to insinuate that Abdul is […]

The Repeal Point of View

I’ve asked Dave Bond of STOP IN to explain their effort to repeal property taxes, as well as bond debt: Repeal:  The real dealProperty taxes are a feudal holdover from old Europe (barons, serfs, Bayou Tapestry, Battle of Hastiness, imperial crap), in diametric conflict with free market economics, due to the absence of any transactional […]

Please Pay Here

You work at Burger King. It’s pay day Friday. Every two weeks, you earn $500. This BK pays in CASH. No withholding! That doesn’t mean you won’t be paying taxes. As you exit the building, there is a small booth where the IRS will look over your Cash, and take what it needs. Luckily, they […]

For All My Tax-Protestor Friends

This was passed along to my by my good friend Dave Bond… Check it out: Dear Fellow Hoosiers: It’s time again, to rally and converge upon the Senate Rules Committee, scheduled to meet this Tuesday, in Room 431, to discuss SJR8 (link), at 5:30PM.  The word now is they’ll vote to KILL repeal by studying it […]

I was IndyU?

A local blogger, the Scribe, has named me as a contributor to IndyU. Alas, no. I wish I were that connected. I am truly honored to be mentioned. I am just not that discreet. Trust me, If I had done something as effective as Indy Undercover, I’d be giving myself credit for it. That goes […]

On Checks and Balances

One of the most wise elements of the American system is the concept of Checks and Balances. Most people only apply this theory to the three branches of government. But let’s look at it through the paradigm of yesterday’s post: (Please strip yourself of prejudicial thoughts on the words lobbyist and special interest.) Every person […]