Why I No Longer Believe in Iraq

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Thank you for the great work you do and your commentary on the show. I am sure you have your hands full and a guy writing in to semi challenge you on something is the last thing you need. I promise this isn’t Larry.

This morning you mentioned and I apologize for not having the text on this. I believe you were asked if we pulled out


Q & A

Dear Chris
One question I think we all would like the answer to is this. Why the hell don’t the politicians understand they need to CUT SPENDING AND CUT TAXES. They all say we will have to cut police and fire, well  BS. Cut the waste quit giving us the standard knee jerk Police and Fire BLAH. Please ask that question when you get a chance.




The answer is whether or not the  politician views the government as a tool to provide services, or whether the government is to be financially fit, and follow genrally accepted accounting principles. Is it about service