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I read 50 things at once because I have ADD. Here are some books I am reading and recommend. Please comment if you’ve read. The Revolution: A Manifesto – Ron Paul Lincoln – David Herbert Donald Perfectly Legal: the Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich – AND CHEAT EVERYBODY […]

Gary Welsh is a Baby

Anyone who listens to our show knows of our needling ‘Rupert Pupkin.’ We’re speaking of Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana. Unfortunately, since the election, RP has taken the sad path of Thomas Paine. Once a great voice of the revolution, now a sad figure descending into screeching madness, and ultimately obscurity and deeper insignificance. I […]

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Maybe THIS is why the Fed actually started taking action: Bernanke’s own home down 260K in value Zig Ziglar says that if you want to get what you want, you have to help enough other people get what they want: Money buys happiness — if you spend on someone else I’m sorry, but this blog […]

Is Stepfordish a Word?

One of the barometers of a man’s character is his wife. I appreciate all of the Democratic hubbys. Elizabeth Edwards, Michelle Obama, and Bill Clinton all seem to be of strong will and mind. The Republican wives all seem a little crazy. The most disturbing by far is Cindy McCain. Watch her at these rallys, […]