McCain, Ratings, Hume, and Riley… News

Here are the facts that McCain got wrong last night.

Brit Hume is retiring… There goes the last reason to Fox News… Damn.

McCain gets more ratings than Obama… After two years of Obama-mania, could we be tiring of him? Or are we just not as exposed to McCain in the media?

And the Colts donate $1 million to Riley. You’d think with the scandalous money-making deal Peterson gae them, they’d be able to donate more than just a milli. Thanks Taxpayers!

Currently Reading:

I read 50 things at once because I have ADD. Here are some books I am reading and recommend. Please comment if you’ve read.

The Revolution: A Manifesto – Ron Paul

Lincoln – David Herbert Donald

Perfectly Legal: the Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich – AND CHEAT EVERYBODY ELSE – David Cay Johnston

The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America – Louis Menand

Pragmatism: A Reader – Louis Menand

Gary Welsh is a Baby

Anyone who listens to our show knows of our needling ‘Rupert Pupkin.’ We’re speaking of Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana. Unfortunately, since the election, RP has taken the sad path of Thomas Paine. Once a great voice of the revolution, now a sad figure descending into screeching madness, and ultimately obscurity and deeper insignificance.

I consider being Producer for A.I.M. like sitting in the crow’s nest of a ship. Essentially you get to survey Indiana politics in a non-partisan, intimate way. You get to meet most of the players. I have become friends with many of the other bloggers, and time and time again, I have heard of Gary Welsh writing a nasty email to a blogger or talk radio show host when that said opinion maker disagrees with Welsh. He crosses the line, and he always threatens to sue.

Bravo to Bil Browning for outing RP’s annoying little habit of being a jerk. Read it here.

Also check out Blue Indiana posting on this.

And this…

And read the comments. I am sure a red-faced RP will be posting his drama-queen hate aimed at all who dare disagree with the wisest, litigious, and smartest three year old the city.

P.S. Has anyone noticed that all fights, disagreements, and back-biting between bloggers in Indy have Gary Welsh square in the middle of them?

P.S.S. I know all of this smacks of a group of thirteen year old middle schoolers having a fight on instant messenger, but who cares. He started it!

Is Stepfordish a Word?

One of the barometers of a man’s character is his wife. I appreciate all of the Democratic hubbys. Elizabeth Edwards, Michelle Obama, and Bill Clinton all seem to be of strong will and mind. The Republican wives all seem a little crazy. The most disturbing by far is Cindy McCain. Watch her at these rallys, staring at him during those speeches. A hair is never out of place. The make-up is never off. The adoring gaze is never taken off her husband.

But somewhere beneath this too-perfect exterior seems to lurk a woman who is intimidated. She looks like a P.O.M. (Prisoner of Marrige).

Watch for it.

We all had Brown Eyes

Put on your Desmond Morris hat:

All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor who lived 10,000 years ago near the Black Sea

According to a team of researchers from Copenhagen University, a single mutation which arose as recently as 6-10,000 years ago was responsible for all the blue-eyed people alive on Earth today.

The team, whose research is published in the journal Human Genetics, identified a single mutation in a gene called OCA2, which arose by chance somewhere around the northwest coasts of the Black Sea in one single individual, about 8,000 years ago.

The gene does not “make” blue in the iris; rather, it turns off the mechanism which produces brown melanin pigment. “Originally, we all had brown eyes,” says Dr Hans Eiberg, who led the team.

My Interview with MLK III

This is an interview I did in November with the son of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott-King. He looks just like MLK, and it was like speaking to Dr. King himself. (He is the one speaking in the clip where Clinton is sleeping.)

It was one of the coolest things I’ve been able to do in my short life.

For All My Tax-Protestor Friends

This was passed along to my by my good friend Dave Bond… Check it out:

Dear Fellow Hoosiers:

It’s time again, to rally and converge upon the Senate Rules Committee, scheduled to meet this Tuesday, in Room 431, to discuss SJR8 (link), at 5:30PM.  The word now is they’ll vote to KILL repeal by studying it to death, in a summer “study” committee.  If the committee moves forward with SJR8, as they KNOW citizens want them to do, they’ll have four years (!!!) to study repeal and adopt one of several, viable replacement plans.  If that’s the case (and we hope it’s not), how out of touch can these folks be?

The first major ramp in property taxes (100 / 300 / 500%+) was nearly five years ago (yeah, it was 2003), during which time, an entire class of college freshman has graduated and some have earned graduate degrees.  More time to study…?  If these folks need more time to study it’s time for them to drop out, just go, and get an early start on a summer committee of their recreational choice.  Thanks, but we can’t take any more of that style of public “service.”

Abdul is reporting that the Senate Republican Caucus voted 2-to-1 last Thursday (by a process CLOSED TO CITIZENS), against moving SJR8 to the Senate floor for an open vote.  This latest misstep by Republicans is reminiscent of last year’s, pre-election city council meetings in Indianapolis, where citizens were shut out- this citizen shutout is no different!

Committee members who deny citizens the right, to an open discussion and vote on the floor of the Senate, should be unelected in May or November.  Members of the Rules Committee and other legislators, have openly acknowledged, that SJR8 would pass, if brought to the Senate floor for a vote.  So, what does it mean if they choose to kill SJR8 by any means?  Let’s see, Senators, who routinely face election challenges, shrinking violets that they are, would vote for SJR8, because they’re afraid not to, or, could it be they know, that it’s what their CONSTITUENTS WANT THEM TO DO?  Hint:  Constituent is another word for employer.

We may well have a crop of legislators who are tired and don’t care about reelection.  But why should that become the citizens’ problem?  Indiana needs bold, proactive leadership; not mediocrity, by default of a limited range of special interest reflexes.  Indiana can rather than follow, but that will take leadership.

Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson, is the champion of an elimination plan in his state’s legislature:, developed in consultation with Economist Arthur Laffer.  Some have suggested that because other states haven’t eliminated property taxes, that it can’t be done; never bothering themselves, to exercise a calculator and demonstrate their vast knowledge of “can’t.”  Several states, including South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Vermont, also have repeal efforts underway.  The day is coming when a citizen centered legislature will demonstrate that property taxes “can” be eliminated

Let’s meet Tuesday evening (1/22, 5:30, Room 431), to review the state of our representation.  Be sure to check the following link for any “last minute” updates:

Bhutto was a Crook

I found an interesting article at The Atlantic that is definitely worth a look while we canonize Benazir Bhutto. A couple paragraphs are pasted, then the links below:

“Clearly, political assassinations are a bad thing. Equally clearly, political assassinations in a place like Pakistan seem to herald instability, and instability in Pakistan is frightening. That said, I think it’s worth being clear about something — from the perspective of someone who’s never spoken to Benazir Bhutto or any members of her inner circle, it seems like she was a really bad person and a terrible political leader. The main thing she did when in office was steal. A lot. Of money. From her extremely poor country. You have, basically, tens of millions of incredibly poor people in Pakistan. You have shitty infrastructure. You have a shitty school system. And you’re the Prime Minister. What do you do about it? You steal an incredible sum of money, while helping your associates likewise steal an incredible sum of money.

I’m not aware of anything changing for the better in Pakistan when she was running things. And as far as her credentials as a democratic opposition leader, it’s worth noting that she’s not the democratically elected leader who was deposed in Musharraf’s coup — her rival Nawaz Sharif was. Her plan was to use her strong base of support in the US to cajole Musharraf into some kind of power-sharing agreement with her. And if she’d gotten a bigger share of the power, she would have used it to steal more money.”

New Media and How We Communicate.

Thanksgiving Day at my house was a perfect commentary on modern life and technology. We gathered around the turkey and stuffing for a couple of hours, finished the dishes and spread out. I waddled downstairs to sit at my computer desk, logged on to Instant Messenger, Facebook, and my blog and began writing and looking at various things. After a bit, I walked into the family room, where my sister sat alone on her laptop on AIM, facebook, and her school website working on homework. I walked upstairs to get a piece of pie, and my mom was on the internet checking her email. My aunt had sent pictures from the party they had earlier that morning. A party held across town that we did not go to. So here we were… Three family members on a holiday where you are thrown together to communicate. One of three days out of the year you might see each other, and we spent it online, away from each other.

It’s not like I wasn’t communicating with people. I was IMing friends, writing on facebook walls, and blogging on my personal blog.

I just wasn’t communicating with my family face to face. Now, most people reading this probably think that that is crazy and a little wrong. But I guarantee that people do the same thing. We are better connected to those we love (and those we don’t even really care about) then any generation has ever been. Yet we still feel a little disconnected and lonely.

Let me float a theory. We are the greatest informed generation ever. One New York Times paper contains the same amount of information that the average person in the Middle Ages learned in one lifetime. We can go to sites like Joost, Vuze, You Tube, Hulu, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, and hundreds of other websites to waste time. We go to these sites, and we fill our lives with little glimpses of other peoples lives so we don’t have to go out and meet new friends in person. In some cases, we don’t have to live our own. There is all the benefit of new friends and fun without any of the rejection. Before you meet someone in person, you can check their interests to make sure they match up with your own.

Is there something wrong with this? Is my generation wrong for pushing the creative envelope online? Or are we missing something that other generations have had?

Stick with your own kind!

Julia Allison is hot. Look at her picture. She wants you to stick to your own kind.

When She’s Hot But He’s Not Our dating analyst ponders the inexplicable attraction of opposites

By Julia Allison Dating Columnist

Every time I watched “King of Queens,” I was confused. The husband, an overweight UPS delivery guy, is married to a certifiably hot brunette with a tight body, whom he regularly asks to strip (is this normal married couple behavior? I would ask my parents, but that’s disgusting).

At first, I dismissed it, like the beer commercials featuring balding, pot-bellied men cavorting with Tara Reid look-alikes. They’re just Disproportionately Attractive TV Couples — they could never exist in the real world.”

Click here for more:;



Maybe some of us have a nice personality?! I say you should date ugly people. They try waay harder to keep you happy. Haven’t you seen Revenge of the Nerds?!