On the End of America

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been scared to death recently by the prospect of a Great Depression Two. I’ve found myself waking up an hour early, staring at the ceiling, wondering if all of this could be true. It is more selfish than anything. I don’t want to give up my comfort. […]

Call Your Congressman

Here are the numbers… We beat it once, but the second time is always the hardest. Sen. Bayh: 202-224-5623 or 317-554-0750 Rep. Burton: 202-225-2276 or 317-848-0201 Rep. Buyer: 202-225-5037 Rep. Carson: 202-225-4011 Rep. Donnely: 202-225-2915 Rep. Ellsworth: 202-225-4636 Rep. Hill: 202-225-5315 Sen. Lugar: 202-224-4814 or 317-226-5555 Rep. Pence: 202-225-3021 Rep. Souder: 202-225-4436 Rep. Visclosky: 202-225-2461 […]

Obama-McCain Fact Check

Copy and Pasted from an essential website: factcheck.org. Summary McCain and Obama contradicted each other repeatedly during their first debate, and each volunteered some factual misstatements as well. Here’s how we sort them out: Obama said McCain adviser Henry Kissinger backs talks with Iran “without preconditions,” but McCain disputed that. In fact, Kissinger did recently […]

Proof that Libertarians take more Democratic Votes

It is incorrect that Libertrians always “take away” Republican votes. Take a look at this poll from the 2006 Congressional race between Hill/Sodrel/Schansberg: “Libertarian Eric Schansberg gets 5% in today’s poll, which, in a contest this close, will make a difference. Because Schansberg’s support is disproportionately Liberal, he appears to take more votes from the […]

The Arrogance of the GOP on Libertarians

The best-named blog, Conservatibbs, touts a common theme when Republicans discuss Libertarians: “Schansberg’s run for Congress as a Libertarian is actually an impediment to implementing a libertarian legislative agenda. The votes that Schansberg drains from Sodrel will help Baron Hill in his efforts to return to Congress. That would be destructive to efforts to limit […]