Welcome to a new We Are Libertarians!

We Are Libertarians is a blog and podcast that analyzes all of the recent news from a libertarian perspective with all of the irreverence modern politics deserves. We’ll also cover a variety of subjects that interest us other than politics.

The blog is written by Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, Creighton Harrington, and Greg Lenz. They cover the spectrum of the libertarian philosophy, and bring a wide range of political experience to their commentary.

The podcast is hosted by Chris, Chris, Creighton. Current events, the libertarian movement, politics, tips for activism and the libertarian philosophy are discussed from a millennial-generation perspective (those under 30).

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Disclaimer: This site and it’s content is not an endorsement of any political group, candidate, or party. All of the opinions are those of the individual author making the statement.