The Inexplicable Campaign Against Jordan Peterson

Read and watch Dr Jordan B Peterson lectures. Hear what he says first hand. Then read articles about him over the last two months in any magazine or newspaper and you’ll see why the media isn’t trusted. It’s a consistent campaign of defamation where his words are twisted to turn the ignorant reader against touching his work.

Why? I have no idea. He’s a decent person trying to bring decency to public discourse. That’s bad for ratings, and you wouldn’t want that to spread.

He’s not a beltway or New York writer for a magazine. The Matt Welches of the world seems to hate it when someone strikes it big and isn’t in their circle. Goddamnit, THEY are the keepers of thought in America, and there’s no room for others.

He discusses tyranny so he must be a kook. Any person that outlines the steps to authoritarianism is a nut job… Unless they are talking about Trump in a veiled way. Peterson doesn’t ever address Trump, not even in a negative way, so he’s suspect.

He’s catering to men. This is clearly a violation of the new norm being built. Only women should be encouraged to be their best selves. It is the same with his prattling on about traditional families. He must be a closeted Pat Robertson fan.

Maybe his greatest sin is trying to nuanced in a world that only wants sloganeering and simple (liberal) truths. Peterson wants people to think about politics and religion, the two subjects no one is allowed to discuss unless it’s against religion or against politics (Trump).

Part of this nuance came when he had the AUDACITY to say that a government should not arrest people for language. Canada wanted to criminalize not using the proper pronouns for transgender people. His take was that you should be respectful of a human being and use the correct pronoun, but no one should go to jail for speech. Can you imagine what kind of world we’d have if everyone was allowed to say what they want when they want? The government can’t just allow people to say offensive things.

Fortunately, the press is here to step in for the government. If they aren’t going to stop this monster then they will, even at the cost of truth.

I’m the web director for a nationally syndicated morning show. Before this, I worked in politics for many years as a producer at a news talk station, WXNT, and then as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. I then worked in marketing for the Englehart Group and the Advocates for Self-Government.

Despite my position in mass media, I love podcasting and all aspects of new media. I host the We Are Libertarians podcast. I'm a news junkie, a Christian, a libertarian and a voracious reader. I love food, comedy, tech, IndyCar, psychology, writing and collecting and organizing information. I also have two cats, Mittens and Cornelius.

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